Allthegoodies is an internet based content provider with special focus on travel. We produce travel videos which are presented in several Youtube channels and different travel websites.


Our main goal is to present useful travel videos and tips from all over the world. Our focus is affordable luxury and cool modern design. In our videos we either present an attraction, a design hotel, a cool restaurant, a top list or a collection of useful tips for travellers - things you want to find answers to before you visit a place.


We always put the place in focus and not, like many other travellers, ourselves visiting it. We only recommend and present a place that meets our allthegoodies criterias - and we do it with a video. Then it is up to our visitors to see if they like it or not - and choose to visit it.


Many of the videos can be sorted in different categories and locations, which are reflected in our (60+) Youtube playlists. To further improve and ease access to the different categories, we have developed and continue to develope different themed websites.


Our most important channel is Allthegoodies, with more than 650 travel videos and the supporting website allthegoodies.com.


Further, we have 8 other Youtube channels and 25 websites under development at the moment - many travel related, some with other themes. For instance, we are now building cruise-norway.com as a top structure for many of the most important cruise ports in Norway which we present through videos - all you need to know about each port as a cruise tourist. We have secured a wide range of com-domaine names and have currently two sites up and running - cruisebergen.com and cruiseflam.com.


We have a library of about 70 domain names, many of them relevant to our projects, but also many others. Some of them are just investments, others are in the loop for new projects. For the right customer, some of the domaines are for sale. Select Domaines from the menu to see if you find something of interest.


For more about our videos, Youtube channels, websites and domaines, use the top menu.

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