For many years we have captured beuatiful places, cool restaurants, design hotels and great attractions both on video and photographs. We have a base of about half a million videoclips and images from all over the world, first from cameras  with negative film and huge video cameras to the first digital cameras and up to todays 4k cameras and mobile phones with amazing quality. We have used this to create more than 700 videos on our different youtube channels.


We are travelers. With background and experience from shipping worldwide and management consulting, strong roots in Copenhagen and Norway, master studies and long and frequent visits to London and experience as a chef in Paris (at Le Grand Vefour), we have experience from both sides of the table. Our excellent network tip us about new and exciting places which we visit as soon as we can.


We focus on exclusive and cool places and things to do - we call it affordable luxury. Our goal is to present exciting content and useful information in all of our videos. Each video present a single place - a hotel, a restaurant, an attraction or different tips about a location. By watching a video, you should have enough information to make up your own opinion  to decide if you like the place or not, and enough information to find the place - if you like it.


All videos are up to date when we create it. We do not receive an invitation or get paid to create a video. We capture our own impressions - and if the place check all or most of our boxes, we create a video from our raw material and share it on our YouTube channel. If we don't like the place, we just leave it at that.


Our channel is called Allthegoodies and is our guarantee for a place we have tested and liked - and therefore a place we like to recommend. We create our videos so you can get an impression by yourself, in our opinion much better than to look at some pictures.


Our 650+ videos on allthegoodies are sorted in more than 80 different playlists. This is different locations or themes - 20 countries, 20 European cities, 14 Specials, 15 themes. We are adding videos every week, so the channel is growing rapidly.

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