Allthegoodies are developing and have developed a wide range of websites. Some of them related to our YouTube channels, some in travel related themes and others just packed with useful tips. Most of our websites are international with English as the language, a few are made specific for a Norwegian audience. We are a Google AdSense partner and offers ads in cooperation with them. We also have some free spots for local ads. We are continuously expanding our range of websites, offering useful information about places, themes or other subjects.


We have just started developing our new range of cruise related sites, with Norway first in focus. Under the Cruise-norway.com umbrella we will present many of the most important cruiseports in Norway. These sites will give visitors full overview of what to do, where to eat shop and eventually where to stay in each port, everything presented through short informative videos. To have a taste, visit cruiseflam.com to explore everything about Flåm in Norway


Here we present a full overview of all our sites, both current, those under development and the ones we have planned. All running sites will have links. Press the images to go to the site



Our main travel channel where we present all the videos available on our YouTube channel allthegoodies. In addition to allthegoodies.com, we have a range of other allthegoodies domaines. At the moment they are used in the following way:



This is the top domain of all our cruise-related websites about Norwegian cruise ports - all you need to know about a cruise port, presented with videos. We are building up cruisebergen at the moment, cruiseflam is up and running. In the loop are the following

We have also developed websites about Bergen and Flåm, without the cruise tourist focus. In these websites, we have more focus on cool hotels and restaurants and cool things to do, hence the names CoolBergen and CoolFlam



Webpage for our slow-tv channel Five Minutes Away, where we present relaxing five minutes long videos. It is not so very much happening, nothing that will stress you. Only very nice environments that help you relax. Things like snow falling from the sky, a river that floats past you, some great sunsets


A norwegian version available under the domaine hverdagsflukt.no.


We are working on a new domain, slowTV.no where we present the concept of Slow TV and where to find the best videos.



Hygge has became a very popular worldwide concept, to explain a Scandinavian way of life to survive the hard winter months. Here we explain the concept with both text and videos. Scandinavian Hygge is one of our YouTube channels and this website connects the channel,to,other social media. English and Norwegian version:



Website presenting video tips about London. Where to eat and stay and what to do in London. We have three more related websites up and running, two in Norwegian, one in English:



Website about the skiresort Geilo in Norway. Videotips on hotels, restaurants, cafes, skirestaurants and the slopes. English and Norwegian version:



We  are working on a new online design travel magazine. Here we have been inspired by other travel magazines, where they present a beautiful picture from a great place and a short text following the picture. This is our favorite part of other travel magazines. You often find this in the first part of the magazine. Here we have extended this concept by making a full magazine  with this structure, and added a video to each picture with a thorough description of each place. A video explaines more than thousand words, ... as they say. The following domaines are linked up to this concept:



Our website with videos from Copenhagen. Tips on restaurants, hotels, sights, museums, attractions and more, all in short videos.

This content is connected to the allthegoodies.dk page, and has also two Norwegian domaines:



This is a new website under development, what to do and know for cruise tourists in Monaco, presented through videos. Related to all our Monaco videos at our allthegoodies youtube channel




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