Allthegoodies runs 9 Youtube channels at the moment, where the most important is Allthegoodies, with more than 650 travel videos and its supporting website Not all videos falls naturally in under this channel, so we have established some other channels. Here you can read more about each channel. To jump directly to the channel, press the logo to the right.

As described above, allthegoodies is our major channel at the moment. Here we present useful travel videos and tips from all over the world. Our focus is affordable luxury and cool modern design. In our videos we either present an attraction, a design hotel, a cool restaurant, a top list or a collection of useful tips for travellers - things you want to find answers to before you visit a place. We have visited and tested each place ourselves. Only the ones we really like, we find worthy presenting in a video.

Every day is filled with impressions, noise, telephones, other people continously asking questions and so on. Sometimes we have to escape from it all. But it is not always so easy to escape from for instance an office desk, so how do you take a break and try to get away without getting away. Five Minutes Away offer several escapes, different five minutes Slow-TV videoes. It is not so very much happening, nothing that will stress you. Only very nice environments that help you relax. Things like snow falling from the sky, a river that floats past you, some great sunsets, Some of them with calm ambient og classical music, other only with the sound of the natural environment. Put on your headphones, open the video in full screen and just get your mind float away for a short while.

When the winter storm rages and the temperature falls well below freezing point,  light up the fireplace and some candles, crawl under a large cosy blanket and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a book. This is what we define as HYGGE. This is the Scandinavian way of surviving the winter months, but yet enjoying life so far north. People across the world are now discovering Hygge and we help them come in the right mood on our YouTube Channel Scandinavian Hygge

Geilo is a cosy and snow safe ski village and resort in Norway, currently awarded Norway's Best Ski Resort by World Ski Awards. At CoolGeilo we present a wide range of videos from Geilo, everything from the best tips, restaurants, hotels, attractions and things to do beside skiing to some beautiful mood reports from this great mountain village

Designreiser is a norwegian channel which we are currently rebranding to an international channel focusing on art, design, architecture, cool museums. It will support our new Web site Design Travel Magazine which are an online magazine focusing on the above.

We are currently developing a wide range of cruise themed videos on the channel Cruise Norway. The purpose is to give cruise passengers visiting different ports in Western Norway an overview of the port and what to do here - what to see, what to do, where to shop and where to eat. As cruise passengers ourselves, we have experienced the frustration of not knowing so much about the next cruise port and how hard it its to find the proper information and overview, so we are sure to get the best out of our short stay here.

CruiseFlam is an Youtube channel with tips for cruise tourists visiting the beautiful cruise port of Flåm. Our YouTube Channel CruiseFlam and web page has all you need to get an overview and how to get the most out of your time here. Here we have arranged our wide range of videos from Flåm and the surrounding area, filled with tips and recommendations.

When you are a cruise tourist and are sailing towards a new destination, it is often hard to find good and useful tips about the place. If you visit for just a limited time, what shall you see and do at the destination to get the most out of it ? We have tried to help you out when you visit Bergen in Norway. This is the largest cruise destination in Norway, with over 300 cruise ships visiting every year. On our channel we present tips about the best attractions, restaurant, shopping and even hotels.

Have you, like us, been sitting on an exercise bike or running on a treadmill and asked yourself if it could be any more boring. Just looking into the wall and waiting for the time to fly, so you can wrap it up. This is reality when the winter sets in and you are not able to use your bike or running shoes outside anymore. Here we have collected some nice and idyllic roads for you to explore. The only thing you have to do, is to place your exercise bike in front of a TV or Video Screen and select one of our routes and enjoy the ride.

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